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Google Evolves the Dramatic History of SEO

SEO is constantly changing, or is it? Was it humans or search bots or a Vancouver SEO consultant that evaluated the significance of your website? Search engine optimization is an internet marketing strategy that decides the magnitude of traffic you receive. The visibility of your site is controlled by the SEO skills you implement in the website’s content. If you want to understand the history of SEO, you should know that Google didn’t create or popularize SEO, it merely organized it into a specific system that needs to be understood professionally for improving site business.

Historygoogle history

The origin of search engine optimization began in the 1990’s when web masters began to optimize their sites in such a manner that they received a high ranking. Initially all that web masters could do submit the address of the web page or URL to search bots known as spiders’ to analyze the page. Extraction of links and indexing were just the beginning of this revolutionizing phase. SEO soon became a trend of manipulating content and links so as to channel search bots towards the site. It was popularized by Jason Gambert in 2007 when SEO had just made become a sensation on the internet.

Now where does Google kick in? Before narrating Google’s influence on SEO, it is important to note that early versions of algorithms depended upon information offered by the webmaster. Using meta tags to provide guide to a certain page was just the start. This introduced the concept of content optimization where keywords’ became a popular strategy amongst web masters. In order to rank well in search engines, web masters began depending upon keyword density however many corrupted the strategy and opted for keyword stuffing than relevant content.

Unscrupulous web masters in order to get maximum traffic enjoyed a few days of glory but were interrupted by graduate students, Larry Page and Sergey Brin from Stanford University who created a system called Backrub’. This was a search engine that completely relied on a mathematical algorithm for analyzing web pages. The number PageRank’ is processed by quantity and the amount of inbound links the site contains. It wasn’t much later that Page and Brin introduced Google in 1998, which became a popular search engine for its simple and effective results. Google influenced the very roots of search engine optimization since it controlled the maximum number of users.

Owing to the fact that it became the most demanding search engine on the internet, the algorithms set up by Google completely innovated SEO. On-page and off-page factors became important while link building progressed over the years. In 2007, Google held a campaign against paid links. In 2009, Google mitigated the effects of PageRank using nofollow attribute. It was in February, 2011 that Google released the Panda’ update which penalized websites that used manipulative techniques for increasing page rank. Latest in 2013, the Hummingbird update is designed specifically to improve Google’s language processing and semantic analysis of web pages.

The rising demand for SEO experts such as the one’s at has increased for the reason that web marketing can no longer be a newbie’s job! In fact SEO experts understand and stay updated with Google’s changing algorithms to accurately optimize a website and ensure high ranking and visibility.


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